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Surgical Aide / 40 Hours / Evening Shift / Operating Room at Newton-Wellesley Hospital(NWH) in Newton, Massachusetts

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Type: Full Time

Job Description:


The Operating Room Surgical Aide works as an integral part of the healthcare team, responsible for maintaining a safe environment in which quality patient care is delivered. He/she works under the direct supervision of the registered professional nurse, the Pod Leader, and the Operating Room Charge Nurse. The O.R. Surgical Aide is responsible for the transportation of patients to and from the Operating Room and other locations. As needed and directed, he/she assists nursing staff in the rooms with patient care which includes positioning and transfer of anesthetized patients as well as supporting limbs during a surgical skin prep. He/she is also responsible for performing a shave prep of the patient prior to surgery, according to established guidelines, and the delivery of specimens and blood products to and from the Laboratory and Radiology. Other duties include between-case cleaning, the handling of infectious waste, sharps, and maintaining order and cleanliness in the Pods and CSR2 Soiled area. The O.R. Surgical Aide is responsible for maintaining inventory levels of specified stock items in the Operating Room, and the preparation of stretchers and oxygen tanks to see that both are ready and available when needed for patient transport.

Prioritization of patient care tasks at hand and communication with health care team members is an important factor in performing the duties of this role.

PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Responsible for identification and transportation of patients to and from the Operating Room and to other locations within the hospital.

Understands the importance and practice of Isolation/Precautions in patient care.
Maintains inventory level of specified stock items within the Operating Room according to established guidelines.
Responsible for assisting nursing staff in the rooms as needed and directed (i.e. turning, moving anesthetized patients, holding of extremities for surgical prep, gathering of equipment, etc.).
Performs between-case cleaning in order to minimize turnaround between surgical procedures.
Checks status of stretchers to assure they are ready and available when needed for patient transport. Cleans according to established policy and procedure.
Responsible for performing the Balancing of the Total Care Bed for specific patient populations prior to patient use.
Checks status of oxygen tanks on stretchers to assure O2 is always available for patient transport.
Maintains inventory of medical gases for patient care, i.e. oxygen, laser mixture, nitrogen, compressed air.
Delivery of specimens and blood products to the Laboratory or Radiology, as directed by nursing personnel.
Cleans Operating Room equipment at end of surgical procedures, including surgical table, mayo stands, ring stands, instrument tables, kick buckets and IV poles, according to established infection control policies and procedures, i.e. Isolation/Precautions.
Runs errands as needed and directed by registered professional nurse and/or charge nurse, understanding the importance of efficiency in performing tasks.
Collaborates with other members of the surgical team to see that each Operating Room is clean and all equipment is in place.
Performs shave prep on surgical patient as directed, according to established guidelines, policy and procedure.
Determines specific waste type, i.e. hazardous vs. regular, for proper disposal of O.R. trash.
Maintains order and cleanliness in CSR2 Soiled room where linen, trash, and infectious waste are stored prior to disposal via CSR/Environmental Services.
Communicates pertinent information with regard to patient care concerns to appropriate personnel.
Responsible for application of the principles of asepsis to maintain integrity of the sterile field.
Assists and collaborates with the Circulating nurse and Surgical Technologist to set up for surgical procedures with proper instrumentation, equipment and supplies.
Assists in the care, cleaning and maintenance of all general and specialty instruments, equipment and supplies according to established guidelines, policies and procedures.
Maintains confidentiality of information related to individual patients and patient care units.

A. Job Knowledge and Skills: Neat and clean in appearance. Good physical dexterity. Able to communicate effectively, verbal and non-verbal communication skills important. Willingness to initiate communication/conversation with patients and families. Ability to work in a fast paced environment.

B. Education: High school diploma or equivalent education.

C. Experience: Satisfactory references.

D. Licenses, Certifications and/or Registrations (if applicable) : CPR training required.



WORKING CONDITIONS: The Surgical Aide works in a variety of patient care environments where there may be exposure to communicable diseases and hazardous materials. Other duties may include general cleaning with exposure to dirt, dust, odors, cramped quarters, etc.

PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: Duties may involve general cleaning with exposure to dirt, odors, cramped quarters, etc., or include patient care responsibilities with subsequent exposure to human waste, or other unpleasant elements.

Newton-Wellesley Hospital will provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, gender age, national origin, disability, marital status, genetic information, veteran or active military status, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation.