Data Platform Architect at Chegg Inc. in Santa Clara, California

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Job Description:


Data Platform Architect
Santa Clara, CA, United States

The Culture:
Chegg's culture celebrates leadership at all levels and does not discriminate based on job descriptions or titles.The culture is open, with our "fast feedback" system implemented to encourage transparency.You will be given latitude to drive and stretch to deliver mutual goals.

The Organization: Data Engineering, Operations & Governance
The Data team is central to Chegg - supporting every business line and functional organization at the company. It is a team composed of data engineers, data governance specialists, software engineers, and business analysts. The team enables strategy and tactics of Chegg's product, engineering, marketing and customer services; and is responsible for the creation and maintenance of Chegg data infrastructure, data pipelines, data warehouses, and data & BI operations. The team is also responsible for ensuring Chegg's data platforms and data products are compliant with government regulations.

The Role:Data Platform Architect


  • Maintain and develop the product and technology roadmaps for our data lake and cataloging system, which has these key functions:

    • Track ownership, versioning, and lineage of all data used at Chegg

    • Internally-control access to sensitive data

  • Maintain and develop the technical roadmap for replicating data from various production data stores into our Data Lake

  • Maintain and develop the technical roadmap for software client-libraries to access our cataloging service

  • Maintain and develop the technical roadmap for software client-libraries for event streaming

  • Handle ad-hoc architecture and implementation tasks in related areas

  • Lead one or more remote engineers to execute the aforementioned responsibilities

  • Partner with enterprise security & legal and compliance teams to build data solutions to ensure security and compliance of Chegg's data and data platforms.

  • Evaluate and work with external vendors to commoditize these functions to the extent possible

The ideal candidate is excited about joining our team's mission to bring data to applied problems within the education space. Key to the role is the desire and ability to balance multiple data engineering and governance efforts, leverage other team members and their skills, and to deliver data, software, and analytics to solve business problems.


  • 8+ years of professional software development experience

  • 2+ years of professional experience developing with RDBMS and big data platforms (Hadoop, EMR, Redshift)

  • 2+ years of Java; building backend services, data pipelines, etc.

  • 5+ years of experience on AWS cloud with a focus on the following technologies:

    • S3 (simple storage service)

    • RDS (relational database service)

    • SNS/SQS (notifications and queuing services)

    • ECS (elastic container service)

    • Kinesis/Firehose

    • Containerization (Docker/ECS/Kubernetes)

  • 2+ years of Python experience

  • 1+ years of DataBricks (Spark, Hadoop Filesystem, etc.)


  • Full stack web-based software development experience.

  • Experience working with big data platforms such as Hadoop, Aster or Elastic MapReduce a plus.

What is Chegg?

An 'always on' digital learning platform.

Chegg puts students first...Everything we build in this company is student-focused, making us the leading student-first connected learning platform. Chegg strives to improve the overall return on investment in education by helping students learn more in less time and at a lower cost. This is achieved by providing students a multitude of educational tools from affordable textbook rentals to Chegg Study which supplements their learning through 24/7 tutor access, step-by-step help with questions, and more. Chegg is a publicly-held company based in Santa Clara, California and trades on the NYSE under the symbol CHGG.

Why do we exist?

Students are working harder than ever before to stabilize their future. Our recent research study called State of the Student shows that nearly 3 out of 4 students are working to support themselves through college and 1 in 3 students feel pressure to spend more than they can afford. We founded our business on provided affordable textbook rental options to address these issues. Since then, we've expanded our offerings to supplement many facets of higher educational learning through Chegg Study, Chegg Math, and Chegg Internships and more to support students beyond their college experience. These offerings lower financial concerns for students by modernizing their learning experience. We exist so students everywhere have a smarter, faster, more affordable way to student.

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