Capture Manager at APTIM in Alexandria, Virginia

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Type: Full Time

Job Description:

**Job Overview:** The incumbent leader must be, by their inherent nature, a self-starter, self-motivated, and entrepreneurial. Must possess 8 plus years of experience/expertise in U.S. Federal Government support functions, contract project management, and business development capture and proposal management. The incumbent will be the single point of capture responsibility, authority, and accountability to lead, manage, and integrate all necessary activities to produce a discriminating offer design/proposal in response to large, single award contract bids. This role will last throughout the entire lifecycle of an opportunity from identification to final award past all protests and lawsuits. Requires confident, knowledgeable, and hands on leadership that works collaboratively with all stakeholders, while staying laser focused on doing whatever it takes to win. If you are a performer with a reasonable winning batting average over a reasonable timeframe we would like to talk. On the other hand, we prefer no glad handers, old style marketers, pretenders, etc. Very competitive salary, benefits, and win bonus based on defined, quantitative metrics. **Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:** + Produce capture efforts, including associated proposals, capable of winning within the context of all customer, contract, and corporate performance parameters and organizational dynamics. + Lead and manage the entire capture/proposal process from opportunity identification to contract start (e.g., qualification, capture, proposal, ENs, ORALs, FIPR, protests, etc.). + Lead and manage all stakeholders (individuals, key people, teammates, working groups, etc.) to produce a discriminating offer that is compliant and responsive to RFP requirements and customer issues. + Present capture plans, gate reviews, and proposal plans to the executive team and receive constructive input to help win vs. running the corporate approval gauntlet. + Identify customer issues/pain points as a result of direct visits and analytical research of open source documentation/media. + Formulate teaming strategy, structure, and select teammates based on an analytical assessment of APTIM's strengths/weaknesses against customer issues, SOW/RFP requirements, and competition. This includes writing teaming agreement attachments that defines teammate's scope, SOW, and business deal. + Select key personnel/management team member that not only meet RFP requirements, but exceeds them in a discriminating manner. This includes negotiating and writing the offer letters. + Be actively engaged, at all levels, in developing the price to win based on an analysis of the incumbents winning price and contract performance history, the customers buying practices and recent awards of similar contracts, and the application of common sense game theory per the competition. + Be directly involved in the design of the technical and management solutions so they not only address customer issues and associated win themes in the right way, but also achieve the price to win. + Integrate the capture solution components into, and across, the correct proposal volumes/sections to ensure a consistent, cohesive story while addressing RFP requirements. + Write a compelling, concise, and graphically communicative Executive Summary, even if not directly required by the RFP, that makes the customer want to pick us from an analytical and/or emotional basis. This may require many iterations and adjustments as the effort evolves and matures over the capture/proposal process/timeline. + Make all things considered decisions, based on a net point score tradeoff methodology, that maximize point score, and thus win P. + Actively listen to color team debriefs and make any necessary adjustments to the capture plan, offer design, and/or the proposal while also managing the associated personnel/teammate issues/dynamics. + Continue to lead and manage the capture effort to make the making the necessary adjustments through the discussion, EN, FIPR, and protest phases, as applicable. + Work with the APTIM contract transition and project manager to ensure a smooth and full transference of proposal concept, ideas, and strategies into contract operations. + Performs additional duties and responsibilities as necessary to optimize win P. **Basic Qualifications:** + A demonstrable track record of capture and proposal management success. + 8+ years' experience in U.S. Federal Government services/solutions in terms of support service functions, contract project management, and capture and proposal management + Minimum Bachelor's degree from an accredited 4 year college/university + Expert knowledge of U.S. federal Government services/solutions contracting/buying practices, contract project management and capture and proposal management. + The ability to effectively move between leadership styles/needs from collaborative and inclusive to decisive and directive. + The ability to lead/manage individuals to keep them focused on winning in the context of the bigger picture, vs. a singular functional perspective, and interpersonal dynamics. + Willingness to be hands on and work hard, including research, analysis, and writing. + A balanced skill base of analytical capability, creative intuitiveness, and common sense. + Ability to build and lead diverse teams, both large and small, through the storming, norming, conforming, and performing cycle to produce winning proposals. + The ability to sort through, prioritize and concisely present large quantity of data, material, etc. which is often confusing and contradictory. + The ability to integrate all customer, contractual, capability, and business aspects of an offer in a manner that maximizes win P. + Excellent oral and written communication skills, esp. at an executive briefing level. **What We Do:** Whether it's safeguarding and maintaining critical power infrastructure, helping communities recover from natural disasters, enabling our armed forces and first responders, or transforming landfills into public parks, we go to work each day knowing that we are making an impact on the world. These are huge responsibilities, and we take them seriously. Thinking differently and challenging the norm is our mandate. Every day we plan for the unexpected, develop critical insights, and deliver new, creative adaptive solutions. We do this by leveraging teams that include engineers, scientists, builders, economists, craft professionals, procurement, logistics and process experts. Watch our \\" How We Make a Difference at \\" Video. **Who We Are:** APTIM specializes in **engineering, program management, environmental services, disaster recovery, complex facility maintenance, and construction services** **.** Serving Government, Oil, Gas, Chemical, Industrial, Commercial, and Power clients, we are your partner and relentless advocate. Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled Applicants with a physical or mental disability who require a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application or hiring process may make their request known by e-mailing or calling 855.343.5600 for assistance.